Saffron Recipes Ideas with this Precious Spice

Spanish Seafood Paella with mussels, shrimps etc. in a steel paella pan. Canary islands cousine in a small family restaurant

We’re here to give your everyday meals a majestic makeover! It is a well-known fact that saffron is the most expensive spice in the world and we understand the hefty price tag might put you off buying saffron. But we promise you, the flavor and aroma you get from saffron are so enchanting, you want to put it in everything.

the flavour and aroma you get from saffron are so enchanting, you want to put it in everything. It helps elevate every dish with its orange golden colour, earthy undertones, and its indescribable flavour. You just have to know how to use it in your recipes and how to get the most out of its flavour, colour, and aroma.

As for the price; a tiny amount of saffron will go a long way. There is no need for you to use your saffron in heaps. A small pinch of saffron will add so much colour, flavour, aroma, and brilliance to your dish.

To give you an idea of how saffron can be used in cooking, we have put together a list of different recipes which we’re sure you’ll enjoy. And it’s not just mains; we’ve got you covered in all corners. We’ve got a starter, main, dessert and drink recipes for you.

Before jumping over to the recipes, we need to talk a bit about the most important part of all these recipes; how to bloom saffron. To get the best taste and aroma out of your saffron it’s very important to bloom it correctly:

Firstly, if you buy whole saffron stigmas, always ground the strands into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. When grounded you get a richer, fuller saffron flavour and aroma.

Secondly, you always need to bloom your saffron.

There are two ways you can do this:

  • The hot brew: Pour a tablespoon of boiling water into a small bowl and add a pinch of grounded saffron to it. Cover the bowl with a lid and leave it to brew for twenty minutes to half an hour. To get the best results, you can place your saffron mixture over indirect heat.
  • The cold brew: For this method, you will need a few ice cubes and it is best to use a glass jar. Place the ice cubes with the powdered saffron in a jar. Wait for the ice cubes to melt at room temperature. Using the cold brew method, your saffron will have a deeper golden colour and the aroma will be more pronounced. For a quarter of a teaspoon of saffron, you will need two cubes of ice.

Now on to the recipes:

Saffron Dip

Saffron Dip - Saffronplace
Onion and saffron dip, photo: unicorns in the kitchen

This delicious saffron-infused dip is an interesting starter idea. The dip works perfectly with meat and chicken and it can take centre stage in any appetizer board. This creamy savoury dip is ideal for entertaining and it will become a favourite with any crowd.


Fine the complete recipe here

Grilled Saffron and Lemon Chicken

Grilled Saffron and Lemon Chicken - Saffronplace
Grilled Chicken (Jujeh Kabab), photo: Olivemag

Grilled Chicken, also known as Jujeh Kabab, is probably one of the most popular dishes in the Middle East and Central Asia. The grilled chunks of marinated chicken is the go-to option for barbecue weekends and it’s also great for when you’re entertaining a large crowd. It’s a simple, amazingly delicious dish with a tangy flavour. The subtle flavour of saffron works wonderfully with the lemon, onion, and yoghurt. The dish is usually served with rice, grilled tomatoes, and fresh herbs.

Preparing Jujeh kabab is quite hassle-free; just remember the longer you let the chicken marinate, the more tender and flavourful it becomes. You can also make batches ahead of time and freeze them for an emergency barbecue day!


Get the recipe here

Indian Saffron Chicken Curry

Indian Saffron Chicken Curry - saffronplace dot com
Indian Saffron Chicken Curry

Curry is probably one of the most famous dishes in the Indian subcontinent. The word curry means sauce. Curry is not a specific dish. It is applied to any meat or vegetable dish, cooked in a spicy sauce. The spices used in a curry differ based on the region and can go from mild to very spicy. The dish is also extremely versatile; you can easily customize it to suit your diet plan.

If you’re looking for a comforting, rich, delicious dish for your next family dinner, then we strongly recommend the saffron chicken curry. The earthy aroma of saffron works well with the chicken and yoghurt, adding to the vibrancy of this already aromatic dish.


You can get the recipe here

Saffron Risotto

Saffron Risotto Dish - Saffronplace
Saffron Risotto Dish

Risotto is one of the many delicious Italian dishes. It is a soft and creamy rice dish made in broth and it can be served with meat, chicken, or vegetables. The added saffron will give your risotto a touch of luxury. The sweet and floral aroma of the saffron works greatly with the blandness of the rice.  

Risotto may seem a tricky dish to prepare. But keep these points in mind and you can easily impress your loved ones with a hearty, delicious dish that would be impossible to resist.

When making risotto make sure to use arborio rice; the grains will stick together giving your risotto a chewier texture. Preheat your broth before adding it in and make sure you serve the dish hot, right out of the pot.


You can get the recipe here

Simple Spanish Paella

Simple Classic Spanish Paella with Saffron - saffronplace-com
Simple Classic Spanish Paella with Saffron

Paella is the symbol of Spanish cuisine. This versatile rice dish is prepared with rice, saffron, meat, seafood, or vegetable. The dish originated in the eastern city of Valencia and dates back to around the 1800s.

Saffron is a critical ingredient in preparing paella. The dish gets its familiar yellow hue from the saffron spice. And it’s not just color; saffron gives paella its distinctive taste and aroma.


If you’re fancying a plate of Spanish deliciousness, then you can follow the recipe here for a tasty, authentic paella.

Persian Tahchin

Tahchin - saffronplace dot com
Persian Tahchin, photo:

Tahchin is a Persian rice dish consisting primarily of rice, yoghurt, saffron, and eggs. The word Tahchin means arranged at the bottom and it resembles an upside-down cake.  The dish is quite versatile and you can add all sorts of poultry and meat. You can also make the dish vegetarian by substituting meat with aubergine. 

You get layers of meat or chicken on top of layers of saffron rice mixture with a crispy golden tahdig. The dish is usually decorated with barberries, almonds, and pistachios; giving it a sour savoury taste. The saffron and rosewater give the dish a floral aroma.

When making Tahchin it is very important to choose the right type of pot; otherwise, you might risk the Tahchin sticking which will make it very difficult to flip out and you might not get the desired cake-like look.


You can get the recipe here

Love Cake

Love Cake with Saffron - saffronpalce com
Persian love cake, photo: the delicious crescent

A beautifully moist cake, rich in flavours and aromas, the Persian love cake is perfect for impressing any crowd. The Combination of almond, cardamom, and citrus makes the cake a flavoursome treat. The saffron gives the cake an enchanting golden colour and the rosewater lends it the most divine floral scent.

Fresh out of the oven, the cake is drizzled with a sweet, aromatic syrup which gives it its distinctive texture. Topped with lemon icing, edible rose petals, and pistachios, the Persian love cake is simply a work of art!


Find its Recipe here

Sholeh Zard - Saffron Rice Pudding

Sholeh Zard with Saffron - saffronplace
Sholeh Zard, photo: New York Times

A finely spiced, aromatic rice pudding infused with saffron, rosewater, and almonds; this vibrant, golden dessert is mainly served during religious festivals in Iran. Sholeh Zard is a very popular and much-loved pudding for us and the word means “soft and yellow”.

The rice is slowly simmered in water or milk until it becomes soft and silky. It is then flavoured with a generous amount of saffron, rosewater, butter, cinnamon, almonds, and pistachios. This easy-to-make, soft, mouth-watering pudding will have you craving for more.


See the full recipe here

Saffron Ice Cream

Traditional Saffron Ice Cream saffronplace-com
Saffron ice cream, photo: the delicious crescent

Give your desserts a luxury makeover with this saffron-infused ice cream, packed with delightful flavours. Rich in colour and taste this traditional ice cream is a go-to treat for hot summer days. Traditionally the Ice cream is served sandwiched between two soft wafers, but you can also have it in cups and cones.

However, if you are not sure about trying your hand at ice cream making; then we recommend you try the equally delicious saffron milkshake. This refreshing milkshake is very quick to make and it has all the unique flavours of the traditional saffron ice cream.


Click here for Ice cream recipe and here for Milkshake recipe

Saffron and Chia Seed Drink

Saffron and Chia Seed Drink - saffronplace com
Saffron and chia seeds drink, photo:

Nothing is more refreshing for the hot summer days than a cold drink that is both delicious and nutritious. This traditional drink comes packed with the many health benefits of saffron, rosewater, and chia seeds. It is rich in antioxidants and it’s a real mood-booster. It is also believed that both saffron and chia seeds can help improve the health of your digestive system. So, if you’re looking for a tasty, healthy drink this summer, be sure to try this saffron and chia seeds drink.


Click here to read the full recipe

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